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Cranberry Love

Posted by Carmen on Nov 20th 2016

Thanksgiving is around the corner and many people are going to pop open canned cranberry sauce as a side dish for the turkey. What many people forget is most canned cranberry sauce is highly processed … read more

Smoothing Sugar Cane Scrub

Posted by Danielle on Sep 14th 2016

What is sugar cane? Sugar cane is a plant that is a growing member of the grass family. It is native to the warm tropical regions of South Asia and Melanesia. Sugar cane was called by ancient cul … read more

Organic Tolerant Pasta

Posted by Danielle on Aug 17th 2016

Running this amazing store has been a challenge, but even with the busy hours I have been able to make some great changes in my children's eating habits. One of their favorite dinners is now orga … read more

Coffee Time

Posted by Josh on Aug 8th 2016

We have been comparing the medium-dark Joshua Tree Coffee Co coffee to our usual Starbucks coffee each morning. We try one one day and the other the next. Result? We really like the Joshua Tree Cof … read more

Massages & B12

Posted by Josh on Aug 7th 2016

On Wednesday, 8/12 we will have B12 shots for $20 from Dr. Needle between 12:30 and 1:30 pm. Mot'us will be providing free massages (donations welcome) from 12:00 - 2:00 pm. You can find them online&n … read more