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Coffee Time

Posted by Josh on Aug 8th 2016

We have been comparing the medium-dark Joshua Tree Coffee Co coffee to our usual Starbucks coffee each morning. We try one one day and the other the next. Result? We really like the Joshua Tree Coffee Co coffee!! Their coffee has a full flavor without being bitter. It's going to replace our daily, home brewed Starbucks. Sure, Starbucks come pre-ground, but those few extra minutes are worth it for the flavor. 

My wife drinks the coffee hot and I drink yesterday's coffee cold- and it's good! Also of note, we picked up our bag - let's say a two months ago - and lost it under a pile of stuff. It still has a better flavor than Starbucks. We use about 3.5 tablespoons for 8 cups of coffee. My wife is real sensitive to the acid in coffee and this has caused her no problems.

Something fun to do is to fill a small candle holder with the coffee beans and light a tealight on them. If you do it a few times the wax will merge with the beans. Enjoy it with a cup and double the fun!