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Smoothing Sugar Cane Scrub

Posted by Danielle on Sep 14th 2016

What is sugar cane?

Sugar cane is a plant that is a growing member of the grass family. It is native to the warm tropical regions of South Asia and Melanesia. Sugar cane was called by ancient cultures as "reeds that produce honey without bees." Sugar was first extracted from sugar cane in India around 400 BCE.

Why sugar cane for your skin?

Its small particles make an excellent exfoliate. The granules are smaller than salt (which can tear the skin) and sugar is very hydrating to the skin. Sugar contains glycolic acid (
an alpha hydroxy acid) which removes dead skin, dirt, and oil that clogs p

ores. Since your skin (epidermis) is the largest organ of your body, you want to protect it and help your body shed the dead skin.

Why this product from Alba?

I love it because it smells AMAZING, and make my skin soft and smooth and never sticky! It's gentle exfoliation helps remove dead, dull skin and the natural oils along with the sugar hydrate my skin. There is no need for me to use extra lotion after using this scrub in the shower. This product also contains no phthalates or parabens. They also do not test their products or the ingredients on animals. This is a must try!!